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  • Material Marketing: Turn your waste into revenue
  • Pallet Management: Repair, Remove or Remanufactured
  • Recycling: Cardboard, glass, hazardous waste etc
  • Logistics: Custom transportation solutions

Ministry of Environment Compliant Services

Air & Noise Certificates of Approval

Facilities releasing contaminants into the air or creating noise could require a Certificate of Approval. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment classifies contaminants as particulate emissions from a process, solvent emissions from a painting line, nitrogen oxides from combustion sources, or sound from an emergency generator. Unless explicitly exempted, most industrial processes and equipment require approval. Read more on the MOE website.

Waste water treatment

Everest works with your company to reduce costs related to your water bill and water contamination surcharges by treating your waste water to reduce or eliminate contamination, diverting water from the sewer and reporting accurate shrinkage to the municipality.


Waste audits and assessments

Everest Environmental Group Inc. offers MOE compliant waste stream audits. The data collected from the waste audit is used to develop a waste reduction work plan. This plan clearly outlines problem areas and what your company can do to improve their diversion rate and reach their ultimate goal of zero landfill.

Samples of the waste audit, waste reduction work plan, and monthly diversion report can be downloaded in PDF format on the right.

Here is our sustainability action plan step by step:

1. Waste Audit

First Everest will assign a team of environmental sustainability programmers to perform a waste audit and waste reduction work plan.

The initial waste audit will give your organization a snapshot of its current situation and diversion rate. It will also provide Everest with the opportunity to identify any immediate improvements that can be made.

Everest will be taking a sample of the compactor waste and will identify if anything that is being land filled now can be recycled. Everest has the best and most creative environmental programmers in the industry. This enables us to capture 100 percent of the recyclables.

2. Waste Reduction Work Plan

We will present a detailed service plan for any recyclables not currently being recycled by your company. This plan will tell your company exactly what it needs to do to begin diverting this material from landfill. In most cases the recyclable material can be added to the dedicated recycle trailer at no additional cost.

3. Monthly Diversion Reports

The information gathered by the initial waste audit will be used as a base line for your monthly material reports. Every month Everest will generate a monthly diversion report which will identify each waste stream. Click here to see a sample monthly diversion report.

These monthly reports will provide quantities by weight for each waste stream and will calculate the monthly diversion from landfill rate for each store. A consolidated report will also be provided that will have the data for all of the stores in Canada combined. Changes in Lowe’s diversion from landfill percentage will be shown on these reports. Problem areas will also be clear, which will allow us to identify where improvements must be made.