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  • Material Marketing: Turn your waste into revenue
  • Pallet Management: Repair, Remove or Remanufactured
  • Recycling: Cardboard, glass, hazardous waste etc
  • Logistics: Custom transportation solutions

Waste To Energy


Everest Environmental Group Inc. can implement a zero landfill solution today. We will achieve this by first capturing all recyclables from the waste stream, second by transferring all solid non-recyclable waste to a burn to energy facility. Information regarding this facility is available at www.covantaholding.com

Every bit of waste diverted from the landfill saves money and saves the environment. Is your company aiming toward zero landfill? Everest can help you achieve this goal by capturing all of your recyclable materials, then implementing Waste To Energy sustainable solutions.

Everest Environmental has had a focus on food and beverage companies over the past two years. We provide two Waste To Energy solutions for our clients who have food or beverage waste as a biproduct of their process.

1. Biogas

A biogas solution uses food waste in a digester that creates methane gas which is converted to energy and sold back to the province as part of the green energy initiative. Agreements with the province are set at 20 year terms so we can guarantee this as a sustainable option for food and beverage waste.

2. Ethanol

This solution is specific to the sugary beverage waste that comes from the bottling and beverage industry. The sugary beverage is converted to fuel-grade ethanol which is then marketed for many applications:

  • Sustainability packages
  • Freight forwarding/transportation