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  • Material Marketing: Turn your waste into revenue
  • Pallet Management: Repair, Remove or Remanufactured
  • Recycling: Cardboard, glass, hazardous waste etc
  • Logistics: Custom transportation solutions

Pallet Management

Pallet recyclers

Everest manages a vast network of pallet recyclers who will ensure honest pallet counts and the highest rebates for your waste pallets. Everest’s barcoding option gives your organization a detailed inventory of all the pallets leaving your facility. Pallets can be repaired for your company or your suppliers at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new pallets. Any wood that cannot be used in the manufacturing of new pallets is ground down and used in the production of other wood products. Any nails are sent to metal recyclers.

Pallet sales

If your company requires pallets, Everest Environmental can offer custom-built pallets, refurbished pallets, remanufactured pallets and pallets built with virgin lumber. Pallets can be built to your specifications.